Long hot Summer days and cool nights create the most ideal growing conditions for potatoes in the world.  That’s important.  Because a great French fry has to start with a great raw potato.  In the Pacific Northwest those growing conditions are perfect for the Russet potato, one of the most popular varieties for processing into French fries.  In Europe, the Bintje variety creates the creamy texture of European French fries many have come to love.  We supply product from both growing regions, offering our customers competitive pricing and consistent availability.


Straight cuts
Thin cuts
Hash brown patties
Waffle cuts
Coated fries

IQF Potato dices
Crinkle cuts
Mexican style bean burger
Steak (thick) cuts
Seasoned fries
Frozen whole baked potato

Additional items available upon request.

Pack sizes: Retail, foodservice (specific sizing available upon request)

Origin: U.S.A. or Europe

Shelf life: 24 months