Frozen appetizers is a hot category!  Since the pandemic, retail frozen appetizers have enjoyed increased demand while growth has remained in double digits, year after year.  In addition to cooking more meals at home, consumers are often replacing meals with snacks and turn to the convenience of appetizers.  Foodservice has bounced back and people are enjoying their evenings out.  Instead of a full restaurant meal, the lure of appetizers gives consumers versatile options for small plates.  As healthy foods remain a priority for many, our appetizers filled with vegetables, cheese, onion, and processed in sunflower oil appeal to those looking for healthier options.


Onion rings – breaded and battered
Red hot jalapenos
Mozzarella Cheese balls
Beer battered Mozzarella sticks
Dutch style Broccoli Cheese burger
Italian style Mozzarella Tomato burger
Nacho Cheese bites

Cheddar Cheese jalapenos
Cream Cheese jalapenos
Mozzarella Cheese patties
Mexican style bean burger
Chili Cheese nuggets
Camembert Cheese bites
Mozzarella sticks
Asian style Quinoa burger

Additional items available upon request.

Pack sizes: Retail, Foodservice

Origin: U.S.A. or Europe

Shelf life: 18 months