Export Expertise

Are you a manufacturer who may be new to exporting, or just doesn’t want to take on the enormous time, energy and financial resources required for selling overseas? We may be the partner for you!

In addition to our main product categories we consistently offer our customers, we are always looking for new opportunities to represent manufacturer’s products overseas. With over 45 years of international experience, we know what it takes to bring a product to market overseas . Let us manage the often complex world of international trade , while you the manufacturer can concentrate on producing a great product. What we can do for you:

  • Research potential markets overseas
  • Make sure all ingredients are in compliance
  • Provide packaging suitable for market
  • Create required documents
  • Manage entire logistics process
  • Take on the financial burden of payments from overseas customers
  • Travel to market to visit customers, participate in trade shows
  • Create marketing materials
  • Take advantage of our wide network of associations/clubs we participate with such as the overseas Agricultural Trade Associations, WUSATA (an agricultural association that provides federal funding for marketing activities), Washington State Dept. of Agriculture, USDA, Trade Mission groups, and more...
  • Let’s explore the possibility of partnering together and creating a mutually beneficial long last relationship!

Email us using the form below or call us directly at 1 (425) 643-1805.

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We offer premier quality products to fill a specialty niche or value driven products to compete entirely on price. We understand our customer’s needs vary, so our product range reflects the diversity of the international markets we serve. We also offer products from growing regions all over the world. This allows us to take advantage of fluctuating crop yields, which in turn affects pricing and consistent supplies. For each and every customer we provide “The food you want, at the quality you want it, at a price you’ll love”.

Awarded U.S. Small Business Exporter of the Year 2020 for the Pacific Northwest. Link to Article Here