We offer staple bread products such as White and Wheat, however in our continuous efforts to bring innovation around the world we also offer a variety of specialty breads such as Keto, Gluten Free, Hawaiian, Organic and more.  Keto and Gluten Free products have been gaining momentum over the years as consumers seek to cut out certain ingredients to adapt to a healthier lifestyle.  Unique to the U.S. is our Hawaiian style bread which is soft and fluffy with a sweet taste that stands apart from more traditional breads.

Premium Breads:

Keto White
Keto Multi-Seed
Nine Grain
100% Whole Wheat

Sweet Dark
Honey Wheat
Honey Oat & Nut
Milk & Honey
Gluten Free

Breakfast Breads:

Cinnamon Swirl
Cinnamon Raisin

Pack Sizes:

  • Hawaiian Dinner Rolls
  • Hawaiian Hamburgers
  • Hawaiian Hotdog
  • Keto Hotdog
  •  Keto Bread
  • Gluten Free Mountain White
  • Gluten Free Seven Grain

**Please inquire if interested in any other variety’s pack size.

Product Origin: USA

Shelf Life: 12 months frozen; 10+ days ambien