Most of our clients are a bit surprised once they get to know us. Why? Because we believe relationships are more important than just making money. We believe going the extra mile is the only way to do business. We believe authenticity and trust and not just buzz words, but the way to live a life to be proud of.

For us it has always come down to a simple philosophy. Treat everyone like family.

That’s why we:

  • Listen first, talk second
  • Seek to understand from the other’s perspective
  • Find solutions fast
  • Honor our word
  • Work hard, but enjoy life

Through all of the successes of Pacific Valley Foods, we’ve never lost sight of the value of giving our clients that personal touch in everything we do. It’s a philosophy that is greatly lacking in most companies today, and it will remain our core strength.

Yes, we bring foods from the farm to tables all over the globe, but even more, we build relationships that enrich our lives like nothing else can.

From our family to yours,

John and Susan Hannah