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Authentic tortillas made from the freshest ingredients. These recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. The result is a delicious tortilla wrap with that home-made, natural taste. Made from either flour or corn. In touch with consumer trends, we can also provide tortillas with low fat, no cholesterol, or whole natural grains. We ship frozen to insure a longer shelf life before you are ready to thaw and enjoy. If kept in proper storage conditions, tortillas have a 12 month frozen shelf life.

Flour Tortillas

  • 6” White 12/20 count – 24 oz
  • 10” White 10/10 count- 24 oz.
  • 8” White 12/10 count- 15 oz
  • 12” White 10/10 count- 42 oz

Corn Tortillas

  • 6” White 6/9 dozen (648 count)
  • 6” Yellow 6/9 dozen (648 count)


Our products are made from only the finest of ingredients. We duplicate the authentic home-made taste through generations of recipes handed down over the years. Combine the natural flavors with ease of preparation, and the result is a healthy quick meal. State of art processing equipment insures only the highest quality products under strict quality control standards.


We will work with you on a retail program, whether it is using one of our existing brands, your private label, or creating a new design. Packaging can be tailored to serve the requirements of your individual market.


We typically ship minimum of containerloads (20 ft or 40ft). Various items can be combined in the same container. Less than full containerloads can be shipped with buyer pick up orders. Please contact us for loading information.


We will work with you to provide documents as required. Follow up reports such as traceability reports can be provided upon request.