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International trading often requires wearing different hats. We provide complete sales and marketing support for our current customers, while at the same time continuously seek new markets for exporting. We may export our own branded products or work with a customer on their private label program. Our level of support is based on what our company was founded on, and that is giving personal attention to every project we work on. These are just some of the marketing and sales services we may provide our customers overseas;

  • Provide frequent crop reports and updates on growing conditions
  • Continuously negotiate competitive pricing
  • Source new products
  • Make frequent visits to buyers overseas
  • Familiarize ourselves with the market and future market/product trends
  • Create marketing and sales materials

We also provide export management services for manufacturers who may not have the experience themselves in international business. We understand the time and cost involved in selling and marketing a product overseas. Manufacturers can rely on us to do the international groundwork, so their focus can be spent on processing a quality food. Some of the services we can provide are;

  • Screen potential customers
  • Evaluate your product for the market
  • Investigate competitive pricing
  • Travel to the potential market(s) to visit potential buyers
  • Participate in trade shows overseas to showcase your product
  • Handle the entire order process from packaging requests to delivery
  • Manage the financial transactions
  • Create and distribute marketing materials, advertising, etc.
  • Evaluate the government/export/customs regulations for your product