The Story Behind it All

Founders, Scott and Lynn Hannah

It was 1975. Scott had worked for many years in the food industry and knew what it took to create a great product. What separated himself from the competition was personalized customer service. His motto always was, “We believe in a hands on approach, flexibility, and treating customers as part of the family”.

In order to do it right, Scott knew he had to strike out on his own. So he and his wife, Lynn, started their business in the basement of their modest home in Bellevue, Washington. Scott developed a team of brokers to represent the company’s frozen vegetable and French fry lines sold to U.S. grocery stores and foodservice clientele. With young kids under foot, Lynn was given an international lead, and through stubborn persistence she started the international sales division. Like Scott, she shared his vision of treating customers like family, while providing flexible solutions for their individual needs. Pacific Valley Foods soon established itself as an important U.S. supplier of frozen vegetables and fries while trailblazing the international market and becoming one of the first U.S. companies to export frozen products to Asia.

Today, Pacific Valley Foods has lived up to the original commitment by Scott and Lynn Hannah. Our line of products has expanded well beyond frozen French fries and vegetables. We export to over 25 countries and source products across the globe. But what sets us apart is the way we do business under the guidance of Scott’s and Lynn’s motto. We truly listen to what our customers tell us they need and provide solutions quickly. And it has always been our firm belief that great relationships are the cornerstone of our company’s success. We treat everybody we work with as an extended member of our family.

What about those young kids running under foot back in 1975? They are now leading the company alongside the Pacific Valley Food’s team.

From Our Family to The World