Freight/Logistics 2017-09-26T17:59:01-08:00

Pacific Valley Foods has always been a leader in the food industry. As any company involved in international trading knows, freight and logistics play a vital part in the success of the business. Pacific Valley Foods co-founded the non profit U.S. shipping association group; Food Shippers of North America. The association takes advantage of the combined shipping volume of the member companies to get competitive rates from shipping lines.

What this means for our customers is that we are able to compete on the same scale as many larger corporations. Being competitive with our ocean freight rates is only one piece to the logistics puzzle. Our freight department works diligently to make sure every aspect of the transportation channel runs smoothly and efficiently. Here is just a sample of what we do for our customers;

  • Coordinate and arrange inland freight
  • Book ocean freight and work with shipping lines
  • Consolidate products
  • When required, provide temperature recorders in reefer containers
  • Provide loading plans and photos of containers
  • Provide all documentation for shipping