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The diced and sliced process begins with potatoes that are washed, peeled, trimmed, and cut to a specific size. Flakes are made by applying cooked mashed potatoes to a large drum. As the drum rolls, the potatoes are dried to the appropriate moisture. The dried sheet is then broken up and ground to the desired specification. Dehydrated potato applications include ingredients for manufactured potato chips, instant mashed potatoes, breads, ingredients for recipes, and much more. Chefs and consumers alike enjoy the ease of preparation as well as the preservation of the natural potato taste and texture. With dehydrated potatoes, you can count on product consistency all year round.

Dehydrated Potatoes

  • Flakes
  • Granules
  • Flour


Dehydrated potatoes start with fresh, whole USA potatoes grown in nutrient rich soil. Within hours of processing, the potatoes are placed in climate controlled storage to protect the quality.


Pack sizes range from retail, foodservice up to 50 lb and 100 lb institutional sizes.


We typically ship minimum of containerloads (20 ft). Various items can be combined in the same container. Less than full containerloads can be shipped with buyer pick up orders. Please contact us for loading information.


We will work with you to provide documents as required. Follow up reports such as traceability reports can be provided upon request.