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It doesn’t get any better than the quality of Pacific Northwest vegetables. Our products are flash frozen within hours of harvest to ensure the nutrients are locked in. Frozen vegetables today offer variety, nutrition, labor savings, and product consistency all year around. To experience a fresher than fresh vegetable, trust Pacific Valley Foods to give you the highest quality product there is.

Frozen Avacodo Products


  • Hass variety avocados
  • Year-round availablilty
  • Mature, fully ripened, peeled and seeded
  • I.Q.F. technology
  • Great color and texture
  • Competitive pulp yield


  • Great-tasting, consumer-preferred variety
  • More price stable than fresh avocados
  • Labor-saving, always ripe and ready
  • Fresh-like texture
  • Excellent frozen shelf-life, provides easy inventory control


Avocados are graded for color, defects, maturity, and length (when applicable). We can supply various grades depending on the needs of your customer. Please contact us for detailed information.


Retail – We will work with you on a retail program, whether it is using one of our existing brands, your private label, or creating a new design. Whether it is label design or sizing… packaging can be tailored to meet the requirements of your individual market.

Foodservice and industrial – Bulk bags available from 1 kg on up to 25 kg boxes. For industrial use, we can supply your market with avocados in totes.


We typically ship minimum of container loads (20 ft or 40 ft). Various items can be combined in the same container. Less than full container loads can be shipped with buyer pick up orders. Please contact us for loading information.


We will work with you to provide documents as required. Follow up reports such as traceability reports can be provided upon request.